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    • Arctick Monkeys - Front Cover
      Arctic Monkeys – AM
      AM is the fifth album by Arctic Monkeys. Produced by James Ford, co-produced by Ross Orton, and featuring guest appearances…
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    • Nick Cabe & The Bad Seeds - B-Sides & Rarities - Front Cover
      Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – B-Sides & Rarities (Part II)
      Released on 22nd October 2021, B-Sides & Rarities Part II is Nick Cave & the Bad Seed's compilation, succeeding the…
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    • Ghosteen Front CoverNick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Ghosteen
      Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Ghosteen
      Ghosteen, the seventeenth studio release by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, comes as a two-part album succeeding 2016's Skeleton…
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    • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Let Love In - Front Cover
      Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Let Love In
      Under the production of Tony Cohen, Let Love In captivates with its compelling song intensity. The darkly powerful Red Right…
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    • PJ Harvey - White Chalk - Front Cover
      PJ Harvey – White Chalk
      Released on September 24, 2007, via Island Records, "White Chalk" is PJ Harvey's seventh studio album. Collaborating with producers Flood…
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    • Portishead - Third - Front Cover
      Portishead – Third
      Released on 28th April 2008, 'Third' marks Portishead's return after an eleven-year hiatus. Departing from their trip-hop roots, the album…
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    • Radiohead - Ok Computer - Front Cover
      Radiohead – OK Computer
      OK Computer, Radiohead's 1997 album, defied their prior guitar-centric style, exploring abstract lyrics, intricate soundscapes, and diverse influences. Its prophetic…
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    • Tindersticks Curtains - Fron Cover
      Tindersticks – Curtains
      As the third release in the Tindersticks discography, Curtains stands out as a highly acclaimed favourite among fans. Its captivating…
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    • Tindersticks Second Album
      Tindersticks – Second Album
      Tindersticks is the second album by the British alternative band Tindersticks, released in 1995. It is often referred to as The Second Tindersticks…
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    • Tindersticks - Simple Pleasure Front Cover
      Tindersticks – Simple Pleasure
      Simple Pleasure is the fourth studio album by Tindersticks. It was released in 1999 on Island Records. The album marked a major departure for…
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